If a picture speaks a thousand words then a video clip speaks volumes! Video is such a powerful learning tool. When you watch something happening on a video clip, you can usually see how it was done. If you don't see it straight away, you have the luxury of replaying the clip over and over until you do. That's why I am producing these short video clips which I hope illustrate the techniques behind some of the common shots you will need to play. (Note: You can open the video clips to full screen by clicking the symbol on the video clip when it's playing).


Improve your strike in putting.
Chris Paisley indoor putting video.


Perfect your ball striking.
Increasing your clubhead speed.


How to get out of awkward, tangly, thick lie around the green.


How to get out of a bunker with a steep face.


Improve your strike for chipping.
Chipping coins to improve strike in chipping.
How to get a consistent strike when chipping.