The putting studio

Putting is an area of the game that I’ve always specialised in my coaching. My goal when designing the studio was that we could deliver first class putting coaching and to be able to fit and build, on site, any style of putter that would suit the player’s technique.

Not only do we have the best putting coaching facilities, we have the entire Odyssey range of putters to choose from that can be adapted to fit your individual style. This involves getting the perfect loft, lie, length, weight and grip. A lot of the time faults in a player's putting technique are caused by an ill fitting putter. We have an on site workshop where all the work is done.

Elite players from across the North of England are now regularly using the facility. Why not join them and take advantage of our investment in state of the art technology and have a lesson in our putting studio with the incredible SAM Puttlab. You will learn more about your putting action in 60 minutes than you ever thought possible!

SAM Puttlab

Improve your putting with the SAM Puttlab. The use of this leading edge software with its video analysis will help you improve your putting technique.

Very often, what you think you are doing, compared to what you are actually doing can be two totally different things. The immediate slow motion video feedback of your swing enables us to examine the technical elements of the movement. By comparing it with previous movements, or even other golfers, it is a powerful learning tool.

The SAM Puttlab is an analysis and training system that uses ultra sound technology to track the movement of the putter during the stoke. It measures over 28 different parameters of the putting stroke and displays them in easy to understand graphic reports. The system is accurate to more than 0.01 of a degree and enables us to look at minute details of your stroke, and determine the areas that need to be addressed.

The combination of SAM Puttlab and Video Analysis enables us to identify cause and effect in the most efficient manner. It is a system regularly used by leading professionals in world golf, and is hugely beneficial for all players, whatever their standard of golf.

Since putting accounts for around 45% of your score, it's important to get your putter set up to optimise your stroke. The SAM Puttlab also helps us custom fit the putter of your choice.