Swing studio lessons

£45 for a 45 minute lesson. £40 for members and Juniors (Under 18)

Lessons in our swing studio with our TrackMan and Force Plate technology which precisely captures club head data with an ease and accuracy never before seen.

With this technology you get the most comprehensive analysis of your swing and club head performance. You can instantly see critical data such as club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft and lie, impact location and much much more!

Putting studio lessons

£50 for a 60 minute lesson or £75 for a 90 minute lesson.

Lessons in our swing studio with our SAM Puttlab, an analysis and training system that uses ultra sound technology to track the movement of the putter during the stoke. It measures over 28 different parameters of the putting stroke and displays them in easy to understand graphic reports.

Outdoor lessons

Practice range coaching: £45 per 45 miniutes

A six hole playing lesson: £80 (Up to 2 people).

Working one-to-one with your golf professional advances your golf skills and can makes a significant improvement to your game. We offer lessons both on the practice fairway or a six hole playing lesson, where you will recieve training on course management, club selection and how to deal with difficult lies.

Junior academy

£25 for the 6 week programme for Junior club members. Non-members £50.

Six week extensive Junior coaching programmes run throughout the year and the club organises many competitions. We have produced some fantastic Junior players and the Hexham Juniors team has won the Northumberland League 3 years in a row as well as the English Champions.