How we think

We believe everyone can improve their game ~ We know from experience that no matter how old or infirm players may be, there is always a way to improve performance and satisfaction with their game. It may be by improving their putting stroke or better thinking and course management.

What we do and don't do

We analyse ~ We take the time to analyse and understand your swing and physical capabilities. Whether you are an elite player, a complete beginner or an average club golfer, we do whatever is needed to improve your performance. This may be technical changes, physical exercises a different mental approach or maybe a little of everything.

We create personalised plans ~ For real golf enthusiasts, we will develop a training regime to educate them on how to improve overall performance. We believe that the key to this is getting the correct information from the coach and then educating students to practice in the most efficient and effective way:

  • Swing analysis
  • Physical exercises
  • Course management
  • Practice routines
  • Skills tests

We dont just teach during lessons ~ We hope our students practice between lessons and we obviously want them to practice the right things. If we observe anything that aids this during practice or indeed on the course, we are more than willing to offer advice and suggestions at any time.

We dont give up! ~ Everyone gets frustrated with their game from time to time. Its how you deal with this that matters. We believe that nothing beats failure like persistence. We try our level best to help our students through difficult patches by tailoring speific excercises to remove log-jams in their game performance.

We believe passionately in ...

Putting quality first ~ From the equipment and clothing we sell, to the simplest service we provide, we operate on the principle that quality must never be compromised. That's why we won't stock anything that we don't feel has all the hallmarks of quality. That's why we invest in the best technology for coaching. That's why we always ask our customers and students how they are getting on with the lessons and equipment we provided them.

The pursuit of excellence ~ Excellence is a habit, not an act. We constantly re-examine how we work to see how we can improve. We are constantly looking for ways to increase our customer's satisfaction. The provison of hot drinks, health foods and even a weather station in our pro shop, are examples of our quest for excellence.

Training & development ~ All our staff are trained to be knowledgeable in all areas of the golf centre, from clothing fashions to equipment features. This knowledge is kept current with regular on the job coaching. All of us try to stay in 'learning mode'. We try never to miss a trick when it comes to improving the way we interact with customers and clients.

Constant investment ~ We are constantly monitoring developments in the golf industry and seeking to aquire the very best tools and training equipment for our customers. Our swing studio is equipped with video cameras, multiple advanced training aids, and the latest launch monitor ... the GC2. Outdoor coaching is now greatly enhanced with our Trackman radar based system.