Outdoor coaching can be on the practice range or on the golf course . . . each has its own merits and benefits.

On the practice range . . .

Andy Paisely Golf practice range

Fact-based Diagnosis ~ Our professional assessment of your swing can be enhanced with the use of our Trackman device. Even though you are outdoors and can see the actual ball flight, it will give you an objective swing analysis and motion measurement. It is highly portable and can be set up outdoors in just a few minutes.

Highly personalised and structured lessons ~ We give easily understood golf lessons that build repeatable skills and lasting results. We work on each swing from the ground up and from address to finish. Our lessons are a pragmatic balance between "How to do it" and "what to do".

Video-based Practice ~ Learning rates are dramatically accelerated with visual feedback that positively reinforces new swing habits. Even outdoors, we use TrackMan or cameras (iPhone or video) to record your swing. The resultant video clip can then either be immediately reviewed or uploaded to our Ebook system for later viewing and analysis.

Advanced Retention Tools ~ Our Ebook system provides 24/7 access to your golf lesson history, past swing videos and practice drills that reinforce every improvement program.

Golf equipment suitability ~ We can perform a technical appraisal of your equipment and provide custom club fitting solutions. Our unbiased golf club fitting process sifts through more than 1,000 clubs to find the ideal match to your personal swing.

On the golf course . . .

Andy Paisley Golf

Beginners ~ The absolute beginner is less likely to benefit significantly from 'on course' coaching. It is better to develop some understanding of techniques on the driving range and putting green first. On-course coaching from a golf professional works best when used to improve the game we already have rather than when we are learning from scratch.

For all other players ~ An on-course coaching session will offer advice on technique as needed, but the more important lesson they provide is how to judge the lie of the land. Whether this is on the fairway, in the rough, out of a bunker or across the green and into the hole. On-course lessons help develop the intuition needed to play each ball from where it lies. The essential element in the art of golf.

Intuitive feel ~ Even if you generally only play the Hexham course, an on-course lesson provides excellent insight on how to play each hole, and will help you to become a master of our course. On-course coaching helps you develop an intuitive feel for golf which enables you to do well even on a course you have never played before.

How, when and where ~ Taking an on-course lesson is about learning how, when and where to use various golfing techniques, rather than the techniques themselves. It will improve your understanding of how to play the game and how to judge each shot, rather than the technique of your swing or your putting.