Every club in your bag can be fitted !

The days of buying a driver or a set of irons "off the shelf" are now well and truly gone. Most golfers now understand that having clubs custom-fitted makes a huge difference and as a result about 80 percent of the hardware we sell is now fitted to our customers. Our new putting studio and the associated technology means we now have the ability to custom fit putters too.
See the Putting Studio section for more details

Don't waste money !

Custom fitting ensures that you are not wasting money on a club that doesn’t improve performance. Sometimes an off-the-shelf club can actually perform worse than your existing club! Remember a “good deal” is only a good deal if you hit the club well!

More distance and accuracy

If you currently have equipment that has not been correctly fitted to you, then you can potentially gain up to 30 to 40 yards and get significantly improved accuracy, just by letting us supply your next set of clubs using our leading-edge custom-fitting technology and know-how.

Using our Trackman, we can measure every single aspect of your ball's flight. With this information, we can see how efficient your ball's flight is, and this helps us to decide the optimum head, shaft, and general make up of your set of clubs. This radically improves our ability to get you the set that optimises your swing. It's the sensible way to buy clubs. Once you've tried a fitted set of clubs, you'll never buy off the shelf again!

  • They make the game easier to play because they are built to your playing style and ability.
  • They make the game easier to play because they are built to your playing style and ability.
  • You'll consistently hit the ball more solidly, with good direction control and proper trajectory
  • They'll increase your confidence, and put an end to the costly pursuit of the ‘perfect club’
  • You'll get more enjoyment from the game!

Our Trackman

Our Trackman launch monitor enables precise matching of your clubs to your swing. Book yourself in for a fitting now.

We also have all the latest fitting equipment from all the major manufacturers, including the Mizuno DNA system, Taylor Made, Ping, Titleist and Cleveland. We are confident we not only have the best custom-fitting technicians in the area, but also the best facilities and equipment. We have the expertise and facilities to fit any club in your bag, from driver all the way through to putters and wedges. Come and take a look to see how much impact this could have on your game!

Custom fit Prices : Irons & Drivers

Irons and drivers fitting: 30 minutes : £20 (Fully refunded with club purchase).
Full set fitting: 60 minutes : £40 (Fully refunded with club purchase).

Have you ever wondered what the effect of a non-fitted putter might be ?

Incorrect length ~ The length of the putter helps you 'set up' in their proper posture. If a putter is too long or too short it can cause a poor set up, which in turn produces an error in the stroke path, which in turn can cause inaccuracy. The correct length to help 'constrain' you into the correct posture, will help create consistency in the stroke and improve distance and directional control.

Andy Paisley Golf Incorrect lie ~ The lie angle is a major factor in controlling the initial direction of the ball. If the toe of the putter is sticking up in the air, the ball can be pulled to the left. If the toe of the putter is down and the heel is up in the air, the ball will most likely be pushed to the right.

An incorrect lie angle will also cause a slightly less solid hit and energy transfer, which can lead to poor distance control. A poorly fitted lie angle can also create side spin.

Incorrect loft Andy Paisley Golf ~ The correct loft will help control the distance a putt is hit. Too much loft will cause the ball at impact to be launched off the ground then bounce and skid along the green. It is difficult with the naked eye to see this bounce but it will make it harder to consistently control the distance your ball travels. Too little loft and you will compress the ball into the ground, which has the same negative side effects. Our special equipment can determine your putter's ideal loft and whether or not your hands are ahead of the putter head at impact (de-lofting the putter), or if your hands are behind the putter head at impact (increasing the putters loft).

Incorrect weighting and balance ~ If a putter is cut short, then the weight that is taken from the club needs to be replaced. It needs to be replaced, however, in a manner that will help promote the correct putter balance and feel. A poorly weighted and balanced club can lead to poor accuracy and distance control through the negative effects on putting technique it can have.

Incorrect putter style ~ Every putter head design and style can potentially influence a player's putting potential. It can help or it can even hinder. For instance, a golfer who does not consistently hit the putt on or near the centre of the putter face, would benefit significantly from a putter design with a much bigger sweet spot or MOI (Moment of Inertia). Certain styles or features can help the player align more accurately. Using specific analysis tools we are able to ascertain the correct putter for each individual.

Make sure that you have a correctly fitted putter !

These days it is very common to have custom fitted irons and drivers. It is equally important, (some would argue that it is even more important), to have a custom fitted putter. Putting accounts for around 45% of your score so it makes sense to get your putter set up to optimise your stroke.

Our high tech equipment means that we can custom fit whichever putter you choose, and since we stock every single type of Odyssey putter, you can leave with a putter customised to you and built while you wait! We have a wide range of putter grips, including Superstroke, so that you have a putter that is unique to you.

Putter fitting must begin with an assessment lesson in order to analyse your action, optimise your technique, and capture the data and information required to customise the putter. This takes 90 minutes, during which we will use our SAM Puttlab to assess set-up biomechanics, body and putter movement dynamics, and ball roll dynamics (Launch, skid and roll).

See our putting studio section to find out more.

After assessment, we will advise you on the style of putter that suits your stroke, e.g face balanced or heel-toe weighted etc. Also, the length, lie, weight, loft and grip type. This will determine how you set up to the putter.

Andy Paisley Golf

Constraint fitting

If you want to be fitted for a putter that will help you develop the most efficient stroke and improve your mechanics, then we recommend you come for a constraint fitting.

This means that we determine the specification of the putter you need based upon the technological analysis described above. Such a fitting will ensure the correct lie, length, loft, putter style, and putter balance.

Personalised fitting

If you are happy with your own style of putting and would just like to choose and be fitted for a putter, we can use the SAM Puttlab and other technology to ensure that your chosen putter will suit your stance, set up and stroke,and we can customise the lie, length,and the loft. of it.

Whether you chose to have a 'constraint' fitting or a 'personalised' fitting, (both using video analysis of ball roll and technique), our SAM Puttlab Analysis reports will help us evaluate the important parameters of your putting stroke , and thereby ensure that the putter you leave with is the correct one!

Call us now to book a personalised fitting, or a lesson with inclusive custom fitting.

Custom fit Prices : Putters

Initial 90 minute assessment lesson : £75
Subsequent 60 minute lessons : £50.
(Practical and review parts only).